We are Busy Bee

Who we are

Our story is simple.  We started off as Starjammer Business back in 2013, set up to centralise and cement the Starjammer Group’s continuing remit to assist and supply business services to small and medium sized enterprises. Over the years, we realised that our clients were divided into two groups: those that ran small businesses as an everyday concern, and those that contracted or ran their own consultancies with very little spare leisure time on their hands.

So, we decided to branch off and help the small businesses and consultancies, while our parent company deals with the big guys.

Our commitment to our clients has always been to ensure that we provide them with the best level of service and help that they have come to know and respect us for. As part of the Starjammer Group, Busy Bee Business is proud of its track record to date, and strives to improve its products, services and standing on all fronts.

And as for the name change? People have been calling us busy bees for ages. So we thought, why not?

What we do

Small business and consultancy assistance services. Why ? Simple: we love doing what we do, enjoy our work, and work on the principle that our customers, clients and associates should share in the fun. Business shouldn’t be a chore: we spend on average 8 hours per working day in the office, or factory, behind a desk, stall or wheel.

We employ people who are not only competent and good at their job, but people who have that something; that little spark that grabs our attention. It can’t be defined, and it’s not always obvious. Nethertheless, we have been lucky to attract and keep the right people. Something we are proud of.

Most of our customers aren’t your average 9 to 5 bunch. Like them, we often work unsociable hours to get things done. Like them, we have learnt often the hard way, about what works and what doesn’t. We listen to our clients and peers, and we never measure ourselves against them. When we see our customers, we are proud to say that they enjoy working with us. Welcome to Busy Bee.

Keep up with Busy Bee

If you want to know more, check out the main Starjammer Group site, or read and subscribe to the Starjammer Bulletin, our parent company newsfeed for updates, hints and tips. We look forward to helping you solve your problems and realising your goals.