Virtual Office services: why use a virtual service?

You’re overloaded ! Several staff members have called in sick, an important deadline is imminent, and you don’t want the added overhead of employing a temp for the duration, whether it is a few days here and there or even a couple of hours per week. What do you do ?

When you’re just starting out, a brand new venture there are so many things to do and remember, often with so little time.

For a small monthly fee, you can use our virtual secretarial services. You can divert your business calls to one of our trained staff – they then act as your voice, passing on messages, managing both your best and worst clients.

You can then concentrate on what you do best, while your virtual secretary deals with the everyday minutiae. Whether its sending a fax or writing those all important letters, our secretaries can deal with this for you, all at a reasonable cost.

What we can do for you

You can use our virtual book keepers to help keep your accounts in working order, keeping track of all the necessary details and on top of your paperwork effectively. We offer the following services:

  • Cash – reconciliation, managing debits and standing orders, financial forecasting, petty cash control, payments, receipts and ledger reconciliation to name but a few of our services

  • VAT. Preparation of monthly or quarterly returns

  • Sales and Purchase Ledgers. Raising invoices, posting invoices, credit control and reconciling statements.

  • Payroll and Expenses  PAYE Administration, reconciliation and final submission to Inland Revenue.

  • Management accounts. Forecasting, preparation and submission.

  • Financial Reports. Capture and reporting on project/job costs for internal auditing, billing of clients and management of subcontractors.

Get help from one of our Busy Bees

We can take the worry out of running a small business for you. Our virtual book-keeper can record your invoices – keeping track of who has and hasnt paid you. They can keep your books and invoices nice and tidy, so that when it comes to the crunch at the end of the year, you can hand your books to your accountant and keep the tax man happy.

If you are a contractor, we can assist you with the all-important details of maximising your financial potential and more importantly, your valuable time.  We offer five levels of services to help you make the most of your business:

Hive rules

All packages offer a basic defined level of service per month. Excess hours and work carried out is charged at a flat rate per hour, and materials costs levied accordingly. See our Terms and Conditions of service for more details.

Why not check out our packages again to see what suits your business.