Terms and Conditions of Service

We hope and look forward to working with you. Before you do decide to engage our services, please read our basic terms and conditions of service.


Please note: For insurance reasons, we are only permitted to work with UK based clients.

Submission of client work

All work requests should be submitted with your customer number to our central email info@busybee-business.com. This ensures we can schedule and track all of your work and ensure that you are billed fairly for all works.

We will acknowledge all work within ½ an hour during business hours of Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. If you haven’t received an acknowledgement, please call 01243 933103 during office hours with one of our staff in order to confirm that we have received the file. If you call us later than this, please leave a message and one of our staff will get back in touch as soon as possible the following morning.

All details such as templates, passwords or processes should be submitted along with work at time of submission. We will not schedule work until all the materials are received and proven to be valid and/or workable.

Turnaround of work and rush jobs fees

Our usual turnaround period for client work is the next working day, on the proviso that all work under one hour long is received and acknowledged by us before 5pm for work scheduling purposes, for example: work sent during the day on Monday would be returned on Tuesday. Work sent after 5pm on Monday would be scheduled for Wednesday – thus ensuring work is completed to schedule and everybody’s deadlines can be met.

If you have an urgent job we will try and accommodate it but it could be subject to a fee of £22.50 depending upon the size and nature of the work at our discretion. This allows us to compensate for having to move other clients in our schedule to accommodate your work. We will always inform you of this subject to conducting and completing the work.

Work which is over an hour long will be scheduled and you will be given an estimated time for completion when we acknowledge receipt of the job.

For non-standard or one-off jobs, the turnaround times will be advised in the acknowledgement email. It is up to you to check work which we return and raise any queries forthwith in order that we can amend or correct such work if errors are found by either party.

Digital Formats

We use the following file formats: Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook), MP3, WAV and various graphics formats from Bitmap to Tagged Image Format. We cannot support other formats or programmes, however, if you have a source file in another format, we may be able to convert it. In this instance, please call us for advice on01243 933103.

Our filing and cloud transfer systems can accommodate file sizes up to 20MB. If you have a larger file than this, please call us and we can advise you on how this can be transferred.

Please note that we do not accept dictation in non-digital format, eg: MP3 or WAV. Audio tapes and handwritten notes are not permitted. If you have typed notes we can arrange for these to be dictated/scanned into digital format and then transcribed or converted for an additional fee. Call us for a quote on 01243 933103.

We don’t work on database files such as Microsoft Access which we have not compiled ourselves, due to functionality and macro issues (if we haven’t designed it, we will not be aware of its full functionality without extra training). Excel/CSV files are allowed only.

Disclaimer and Applicable law

We are and will not be liable for any losses you might sustain arising directly or indirectly from our completing work, save in so far as the same arises directly from our negligence. All work should be signed off by the client and any queries raised at the time proofs are e-mailed over to the client in Portable Document Format (PDF) at the time of review and client approval.

This contract shall be governed by the Laws of England and Wales.


Responsibility of final proofreading of documents lies with client and any errors notified within 48 hours of receipt will be corrected free of charge. After 48 hours it shall be deemed that the work has been accepted as free of errors and omissions and Starjammer Business Services will accept no liability or loss arising from the performance of any services carried out under the agreement by its staff, consultants and/or contractors.

Errors or omissions reported after 48 hours will still be corrected but the additional time spent will be charged to client at the appropriate billable rate.

For reasons of safety and insurance, personal visits to our premises are not permitted. Any and all necessary meetings will be held at an alternative location, subject to 48 hours notice.

Starjammer Business Services recommends that any original documents to be sent via secure post or recorded delivery, and insured for the appropriate amount should it be lost in transit or destroyed.

A signed contract is required before commencement of work. This indicates clients acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Starjammer Business Services will not be responsible or held liable for the end use of any document or work carried out by us for you the client. We therefore retain the right to reject work which involves material we feel is illegal, immoral or objectionable, and in some cases will report the materials to the local authorities if we believe it to be appropriate.

Work will be presented using Microsoft Office applications and e-mailed to info@starjammer-business.com. Contracts can be terminated with 30 days written notice by either party. We reserve the right to charge for any work carried out prior to contract cancellation.

Although every effort will be made to ensure reliable service, in event of equipment failure, Your VA Support cannot be held liable for any loss of information, either by natural circumstances or force majeure. All of Busy Bee Business’s systems have failsafes to ensure that this risk is kept to an absolute minimum.

Payments and Charges

Payments are due within 14 days of receipt of invoice.

Busy Bee Business Services reserves the right to halt services (including phone services) and not to return work if bills are not paid.

Calls out with your call allowance will be charged accordingly at the call rate and time, plus 20% (eg: Local call costing £0.20 will cost £0.24 in total), and are billed at the end of each calendar month.

For each and every package (from Brass to Platinum), hours are non-refundable; however, these hours can be transferred into to following working month, subject to 14 days’ notice to Starjammer Business Services.

Ad-hoc and additional hours are billed in increments of 15 minutes. All pre-paid hours are billed and recorded in actual time.

Postage and/or courier fees are not included in any of the packages and will be billed separately according and subject to prevailing circumstances.

Any non-standard office supplies required by the client are not included in the monthly cost of the packages and will be billed separately.

Bulk printing for clients is outsourced and charged at cost (over 50 copies), the cost of which will be invoiced at the end of each calendar month.

A 25% deposit will be required upfront for all project work or individual packages, the balance due on completion, subject to the initial quotation: please call 01243 933103 in the first instance.

All charges are payable 4 weeks in advance for retainer contracts.

Payments are to be made by BACS transfer using your client reference number as the banking reference to Starjammer, who will supply you with the correct bank account details. A direct debit or standing order form can be produced for you on request if you would like to pay this way instead. We can take Visa payments over the telephone for one off tasks and projects. Call us on 01243 933103 for more details.

Payment is strictly 14 days from receipt of invoice. Failure to pay within 14 days will result in interest being charged (at a rate of 5% over base rate) per month on the outstanding balance. Any and all costs incurred for chasing and/or recovering the outstanding payment will be added to the account – amounts outstanding over £500 after three months will also be subject to the possible application of a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against the offending client plus costs.

Telephone, travel, printing, stationery, postage and other expenses will be charged separately to the package cost where incurred.

All charges will be reviewed every 6 months of each year and clients will be notified of any new charges in writing, after a consultation meeting via telephone or e-mail.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.

No information will be made available to any third party.

All work will be kept on file for a period of 12 months. After this time, work will be deleted unless specifically instructed. For a small fee, we can archive your work onto disk or memory stick prior to purging our systems of the archive data.

If you have any further queries, we’d be happy to talk to you – please call us on 01243 933103 or e-mail us at info@busybee-business.com.

Complaints and disputes

Busy Bee Business is a part of The Starjammer Group, and prides itself on the dedication of its staff, their level of service and customer care. Our clients’ customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If however, you feel that we have not provided the service that you expect and deserve, please in the first instance contact our office on 01243 933103. We will try to solve the problem and resolve your difficulties as soon as is possible. If you are still unhappy and wish to formally complain, please e-mail us at ohno@busybee-business.com.

Alternatively, write to us at:

The Starjammer Group
Ground Floor, 1000 Lakeside North Harbour
Western Road

If you are still unhappy with our level of service or our solution to your problem or dispute with us, then please contact the Ombudsman.

You can find your local details and dispute resolution services here: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/.

If you have any further queries, we’d be happy to talk to you – please call us on 01243 933103 or e-mail us at info@busybee-business.com. We look forward to hearing from you.