We’ll get you ‘out there’…

Unless people know that your company exists, they will look for a company that does. You need to ‘educate your market. This is where we can help you.

Lets face it, selling is a tough job. Once youve sold your product to one customer, it gets easier. As your reputation grows, so does your business. We can help you target your market. We can do this in a number of ways:

  • Internet and Web Marketing Mail runs to targeted potential clients.

  • Gimmicks  we can arrange to have a number of promotional materials designed with your company logo to be used in the most cost effective, highly targeted way possible.

  • Flyers and adverting strategies.

  • Exhibitions, radio, local and national press advertising.

The Internet

Along with our long term business partner, Starjammer Internet, we can help develop your web presence and create effective promotional campaigns in order to get you noticed. We will ensure that everything is uniform and adheres to your company vision, and look at how your web presence and strategy should be developed on a long term basis.

We will also look at other ways of promoting your business, with advertisement design, radio and cross-promotional campaigns. We can show you how to develop simple but effective techniques and methods to push your business into new areas and markets.

Email us, or call us for more details on 01243 933103.

Promotional Materials

Creating and sourcing promotional materials for our clients is one of the services we are reknowned for. When you’re selling your brand, we can help you – sometimes in subtle ways, others in the boldest way possible.

Our aim is to help you sell yourself. With promotional items and merchandise, you can propagate your brand and identity quickly and effectively. Most people forget that there is often a logo printed on a pen or a pad of sticky notes. But the fact that the logo is constantly in front of them means that the message is there in front of them and others constantly. Amongst the items that we source from our trusted suppliers to ours and our clients specifications are:

  • Mugs and Thermal Cups.
  • Stationery, such as pens and rulers, sticky note pads.
  • Useful items, such as paperweights and calculators.
  • USB memory sticks and small computer peripherals.

Email us, or call us for more details on 01243 933103.

Multimedia and Social Media

Multimedia in conjunction with a solidly orchestrated social media campaign can bring a number of benefits to your business. We can develop your feeds so that they have the maximum impact on your audience, and liberate your potential. Your business will benefit from social media promotion by:

  • Increased website traffic

  • Help to create strong, lasting customer relationships

  • Promote products and services

  • To allow your business to compete at the same level with multinational corporations.

What’s the game plan ? We develop and maintain our clients’ social media presence, by regularly updating their social media profiles with new, engaging and possibly thought provoking content that will spark debates and reactions. If you want to know more, email us or call on 01243 933103.