Start to look the business!

We pride ourselves on our Corporate Identity Design service. For a reasonable cost our service includes bespoke logo design, matching designs for your letterheads, compliment slips, business cards, invoices and other useful company documentation, so when you start trading, all of your documentation is ready and to hand in a nice format.

We can present a professional image for you with our bespoke design service at a low cost and completed to your specification in mere days. We can give your company a unique feel, one designed to both your requirements and your personality.

We give you a design and a package that both will please you and stick in your customers minds. It is a legal requirement that limited companies are required to display their company name, registration number and registered address on all business correspondence as well as outside its place of business. E-mail or call us for a quote on 01243 933103.

Logos…we can create image that defines your company

Your logo is the thing that first and foremost identifies your business to your customers. A professionally designed and well thought out logo is one of the most important decisions you will make when creating an identity for your business.

When we start designing your logo, we will consult you at every stage of the the process: colours, fonts, symbols and ideas.

Our designer will take these elements and create a series of concepts for you to consider. You can either choose one of these concepts, or provide us with feedback, so we can then develop your logo further until it’s just right.

Once you approve your final design, we will create a number of versions of this in a wide range of formats for you to use as you see fit. Regardless of size, your logo can be used on something as small as a pen, to the side of a Jumbo Jet.

Use the right colours for the job

Company vehicles are one of the best ways  for you to advertise your brand on a day-to-day basis.  It is cost-effective and broadcasts your message to a large audience, wherever you go on your business.

It doesnt matter if youre a plumber who needs a single van, or you have an entire fleet of vehicles, we can create the perfect design for your vehicles.

From economical, low-cost decals and lettering, curtain designs, right through to full-colour vehicle wrapping, we’d be happy to help you get the design right for your company.

E-mail or call us for a quote on 01243 933103.

Corporate clothing – make an impression

We can advise and help you with corporate clothing schemes. We can help you chooses workwear that is befitting of your organisation and comfortable to wear. We aim to make your staff and teams look good and be proud of their branded uniforms.

Some of the items, such as fleeces and polo shirts can double up as promotional gifts that your customers will love to wear, and act as free, long-term advertising for your company.

We design and source the best quality workwear for our clients, and make the outfits for your outfit stand out.

Contact us, or call us for a free on 01243 933103, for a no obligation quote.